There are plenty of meeting management equipment to choose from, however, not all offer the same features. A few standout features to watch out for:

A clean and straightforward user interface honestly, that is easy for anyone to understand and use. We don’t want our meeting a chance to be put in helping Mike in Accounting figure out how to join a phone or watching someone fumble with screen sharing!

A built-in meeting goal list that can be very easily accessed simply by all attendees. Creating agendas in independent programs can make it difficult to check them and be sure that we will not the same type. Look for a great app that allows you to create and edit reaching agendas inside the platform therefore everyone has access and can easily update them.

Being able to record and transcribe get togethers for a lot easier documenting and analysis. Meeting transcriptions can be quickly tagged with action things, points of concern and more to allow for faster queries and more rapidly review of achieving outcomes. MeetGeek integrates with major online video conferencing networks and offers current captioning also to their meeting saving and transcription capabilities. Additionally, it includes a free meeting a few minutes template to get faster documenting and an AI-generated summary honestly, that is quick to review.

Another device that helps with the documentation procedure is Magic Minutes. While it does almost all of the same items as various other apps, it provides a few exceptional features like being able to plan text macros and pull in layouts into established meeting minutes, along with making it simple for everyone to collaborate in capturing whiteboard content during meetings. Magic Minutes offers a free trial and paid out plans start at $8 per month.