Brad Pitt: Hey Jimmy, have you ever wondered about the differences between pursuing a BCom in Law versus BCom in Accounting?

Jimmy Butler: Absolutely, Brad. I think the choice between the two really depends on one’s interests and career goals. Speaking of career goals, do you know any tips on reducing our self-employed tax bill?

Brad Pitt: Ah, that’s a great question. I believe there are strategies and expert advice available to help us minimize our tax liabilities. By the way, have you ever had to provide a UC Statement of Legal Residence?

Jimmy Butler: No, I haven’t. But it seems like a critical document for determining residency for tuition purposes. Say, Brad, do you have any insights on whether the tobacco business is considered haram in Islam from a legal perspective?

Brad Pitt: Interesting you bring that up. I think it involves a comprehensive legal analysis and understanding of Islamic principles. Speaking of understanding, have you ever contemplated if law is hard or easy to grasp?

Jimmy Butler: Definitely a thought-provoking question, Brad. The legal landscape can be quite complex, but I believe with the right guidance, it can become more manageable. By the way, have you heard about the scientists who proposed the law of conservation of mass?

Brad Pitt: Yes, it’s a fundamental principle in science. Shifting gears a bit, have you ever needed to sign a gown rental agreement form for any events?

Jimmy Butler: I have, Brad. It’s an essential legal contract for renting gowns. Speaking of contracts, do you know if EY is a private company or not?

Brad Pitt: I’m not entirely sure, but it’s an interesting question that may involve exploring EY’s corporate structure. On a different note, have you ever contemplated the key elements of judgment in law?

Jimmy Butler: Absolutely, Brad. Understanding the elements of judgment is crucial in legal matters. Lastly, do you know if court orders are public record?

Brad Pitt: Yes, they are. Accessing court orders is part of understanding legal processes. It’s been a fascinating discussion, Jimmy. The intersection of law and business is truly intriguing!