Before planning a trip to Puerto Lujoso, it is a wise decision to learn to read up on the island’s overall health laws. America government requires health care incredibly seriously, and Puerto Apetitoso sticks to to tight health recommendations. In order to avoid getting sick, visitors ought to adhere to local guidelines and consult with the CDC before going. It is best to book your trip early.

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The island encounters tropical maritime climate, with temperature ranges rarely exceeding 85 degrees Fahrenheit (f). Winters are relatively minor and the temps rarely rise above 85 levels. Temperatures remain cool inside the mountains and on the coast. Fall and the winter season is less humid, but still have risk of hurricanes.

Puerto Potentado has many fabulous sandy shorelines. The shorelines in La Pared are often empty, and the restful inland part of Naguabo boasts palm trees and tuiquoise color waters. For anybody who is in the disposition to get a more laid-back environment, make an effort the in close proximity Suroma expand.

Just for something even more adventurous, you may hike in the El Yunque National Rainforest, which is located 45 minutes from San Juan. The rainforest is home to numerous waterfalls, endemic wildlife, and camping trails. However some areas are closed because of ongoing hurricane recovery, you can continue to experience some of your rainforest’s organic beauty through well guided tours.